JWR Articles: Film/DVD - PSIFF 2018 Short Fest - LGBTQ (Directors: Ben Joyner, Dumaine Babcock, Edward Jack, Manuel Kinzer, Jorge A. Trujillo Gil) - June 27, 2018

PSIFF 2018 Short Fest - LGBTQ

4.5 4.5

Reviewed at the 2018 edition of the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival.
Three distinct looks at lavender

Here is a trio films that explore coming to terms with gay sexuality using memoire, humour and public dancing to reveal themselves. Happy Pride, indeed!

I Have Something to Tell You
Ben Joyner, Dumaine Babcock, USA
9 minutes, Four and one half stars

Check out, or explore?

At some point in life, we all have moments of extreme angst about a deeply personal matter. The question lingers: “Shall I tell, or not?”

Many people choose to quite literally check out rather than share the awful truth (it seems to them) with friends and/or loved ones. In photographer Adrain’s case, he opts to disclose his HIV/AIDS status, but in “return” seeks the permission of his “audience” to capture their facial reactions, one negative at a time.

Anyone walking/struggling in these sorts of shoes should view Joyner and Babcock’s openly honest portrait of one amongst us who has more courage than the rest of us ever will.


The Fix
Edward Jack, USA
10 minutes, Four stars

Nothing like a double order of corn dog à la cock

Finally, thus far, a satire that, er, fired on all cylinders.

Fast food salesperson, Steve (Luke Mire displaying just the right mix of desire and naiveté), has an insatiable penis fetish that threatens to end his career as a dispenser of juicy corn dogs to buff and ravenous customers who may well be craving a side order of special sauce.

Steve’s only hope of finding some sort of a normal life is to sign up for a “course” of therapy from cock specialist extraordinaire, Dr. Bruce (hilariously rendered by Danny Mosier).

It’s 10 minutes of innuendo, fun and silliness that never really crosses the line of grossness (unlike Lunch Ladiescross-reference below).

A helping is highly recommended as a tonic to the world taking itself too seriously (again). 


Manuel Kinzer, Jorge A. Trujillo Gil, Germany
15 minutes, Four stars

It’s a dance that can’t be resisted

Here’s a fine example of forget the plot and admire the talent. Playing Dario (a young Colombian man who would rather shake his booty for a Carnaval parade than play soccer with his buds) Javier Alberto Bula García delights the camera, elicits loving smiles from a soon-to-be boyfriend and even manages to melt the heart of his oh-so-concerned mother.

The zesty music is at one with the energizing choreography. Surely a full-length encore from the star and his talented directors can’t be far, er, behind! JWR

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