JWR Articles: Film/DVD - Watch the Sky (Director/Writer: Alexander Murillo) - August 29, 2018

Watch the Sky

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87 min.

Michael and Shawn’s alien adventure

Sad to say that Alexander Murillo’s début feature (as both writer and director) most certainly does not merit an encore.

When the best thing about the production is the orchestration (composer, Vincent Oppido) as opposed to the actual score (which is as cliché-ridden as the script), only first-time-to-the-cinema (extraterrestrial version) viewers will walk away satisfied.

From small quibbles like jumping a fence that could readily be walked around, to major plot points (why would the search party wait several hours for the sheriff to lead them if an old man’s life could possibly have been saved?), the film is a complete dramatic bust from first frame to last.

Nuff said. JWR

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Director/Writer - Alexander Murillo
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