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What a miserable world

Filmmakers François Margolin and Lemine Ould Salem have quite literally pulled back the proverbial veil on the unwinnable battle of ideologies (actually hard to identify which is which) that has led to beheadings, bombings, propaganda, amputations and extra-fake news on all sides. Not surprisingly, the opening “captured” video showing the Jihadists shooting down a defenceless animal from their speedier vehicle, then cutting its throat, is an apt visual metaphor for the entire film.

Quotes/comments, then bigger questions:

Sin patrol] police use arms to apply religion, thanks God.

Married adulterers must be stoned to death; single men [adulterers], thanks God, receive only 100 lashes. [due to their inexperience].

We have simply restored God’s [whose?] religion.

Force is necessary to yield to Allah’s will and carry out his orders.

Music conveys bad ideas and words that evoke desire. [What does art evoke?]

Charlie Hebdo deserved what he got.[Why?]

Jews/Muslims [are] at war forever. [Why?]

lslam does not allow for women and children to be killed. [prove this]

A woman cannot be considered to be equal to a man. [ridiculous]

Salaf = return to the source. [the source of hatred or love?]

Homosexuality is forbidden in all religions. [utter bullshit.]

Journalists are spies. [proof?]

The way to Paradise is killing others. [Who wants to live there?]

The West has tried and failed with all religions. Islam is the only alternative. [proof?]


Whose God usurps another God?

If a Jihadist knows he is a homosexual—whether having sex with other men or not—is it his duty to “throw himself off a building?

Where does it explicitly say in the Koran [fill in your own blank, e.g., no one should smoke tobacco]?

Has anyone ever had their hand chopped off and actually been innocent of the crime of thievery. Are Jihadists at one with “hand bounty” in King Leopold’s Congo?

If it takes violence, death, maimings and threats to keep the populace faithful (“Force is necessary for men to yield”), then what sort of loving God would condone belief by force? Most religions attract their followers because of the perception that life will be better with a greater power/wisdom to guide and appeal to in times of strife.

Which country, sect or faith on the planet can throw the first stone? As long as human beings have existed, power over one another—for far too many—ensures that the weak, different or pacifists amongst us will be too big a target for the bullies to ignore.


The filmmakers have done the world a great service by chronicling—at times at personal risk, most notably with Boko Haram—the thoughts, ideology and actions of the Jihadists (no women, of course) who boldly, at times petulantly, stood before the cameras.

Given the current leadership of the major world powers around (who threaten, bully and maim their way forward, albeit not quite as overtly), the chances of global peace (not unlike “solving” climate change) remain slim to none. JWR

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