JWR Articles: Film/DVD - Label Me (Director/Writer: Kai Kreuser) - August 2, 2019

Label Me

4.5 4.5
60 min.

Beauty in the beast

Homosexual love is fuelled by a variety of situations and circumstances. Most often, those of the same sex want to express their feelings and passions in private moments that are the equivalent of heterosexual couplings.

Yet for many on either side of the sexual divide, sex for cash can produce strange bedfellows so long as the price is right.

Syrian refugee Waseem (given an entirely believable take by Renato Schuch), having survived the “everything is scary” voyage from Aleppo to a German refugee shelter (where forced bathroom sex isn’t unheard of…) puts his handsome body on the market in order to earn tax-free cash. His latest client, Lars (Nikolaus Benda demonstrating why he is ready for many more film assignments), is expecting a full-service meet-up but has to settle for “no kissing” and being fucked till he cums.

Curiously, they click.

Director-writer Kai Kreuser has fashioned—in barely an hour—a production that goes far beyond the sex (tastefully handled) in order to probe more deeply into the themes of just what it takes for those facing death at home to find their way in a new, mostly unforgiving, world.

Happily, magically, it takes more than a black eye from unforgiving countrymen and abject stoicism from Lars, to bring the unlikely couple into a bed where cash may no longer be the common denominator. JWR

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Director/Writer - Kai Kreuser
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