JWR Articles: CD - Boy - Untitled EP and The Tattooist (Featured artists: Mark Tennyson, Michael Wong) - August 2, 2019

Boy - Untitled EP and The Tattooist

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A fascinating pair of works

Boy Untitled EP (5 songs)
A Wanderer’s Love Letter to the Universe (63 pages)
Mark Tennyson
Diego Eduardo, Illustrator

Art as the way to self

Here are two complementary works of art that probe long, lovingly and deeply into the human experience. At 30 years old, Tennyson’s life is forever changed by the death of his father and the joy of turning a long-distance, same-sex relationship into cohabitation and marriage.

And so the songs, poems, prose and marvellously adept illustrations are all about life’s journey into our inner beings. Anyone (hopefully that means everyone) engaged in the grand process of “Who am I; Why am I here/hear?” will gain some ideas and insights from this unashamedly bold self-look.

Here are some highlights (EP):

“Easy”: Intriguing “clock” percussion”; what love is “easy”? fairly simplistic rhymes.

“Spark”: Breaking through fear (hopefully, most of us can) “I play it safe”; on a remix, I would favour vocals over backgrounds.

“Sacrifice”: Busier opening; straightforward progressions; please surprise us, harmonically.

“Skin”: We have skin in the game (of life); “nervoso” opening (yum!); tighter percussion, please.

“Out”: The most private reflection of the lot; the dreamy opening and beyond would benefit from cleaner diction.

The Love Letter:

Interesting thought: “Perfect circles…pain their perfection”’ “Perfect love dies old” (how many amongst have experienced that?); in “The Forest”: ready to deal with self but armed with a sword (a visual metaphor?); black and white then shades of grey (colours speak louder than words); a full awakening in the nude = nothing at all to hide; gradually, self-awareness morphs into self-realization (cheers to that!); more black and white in “The Heavens” shifts to cocky sense of power and self-awareness; help is good! (so are mistakes, thank goodness…).

A hearing, then a viewing, is highly recommended. Step 2? Have the courage to look into yourself. JWR

The Tattooist
Michael Wong
Malaysia, 90 seconds

Look forward to more

Watch quickly!

Here’s an oddball micro-short that leaves just as much impression as the tattooist (Wana Yanhu) as is etched into Platinum’s (Lu li) hair.

Just be careful not to get splattered in blood as the other clients’ treatments go much further than skin-deep.

Found in the Attics’ score (composer, Panagiotis Isafos) is appropriately peppy as befits the copious flows of the red stuff. JWR

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Featured artists - Mark Tennyson, Michael Wong
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