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Putting On: Season 2

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Forever young

Season 2 sees On (On Mekahel) desperately trying to marry recently ex-con, trying-to-be-divorced Dave (David Cederberg) and celebrate their nuptials in France, Israel and the U.S. (even as the besmitten couple move from New York City to LA).

Underwear model and manufacturer, On, hopes his “back to basic” designs (more black-and-white, less flowers) will payoff big time.

All Dave has to do is get a divorce from the reluctant Emma, then snare a passport to move about freely.

What could go wrong?

Dave is a personal trainer who doesn’t shy away from working on On’s best friend Michael—Michael Segal (all of them knowing that whatever they say will be in the final mix). It seems On has a vision (shared by his father) of a gym franchise, where the soon-to-be marrieds will also be business partners. (Is that a good idea…?)

A new perfume may be the next great thing!

A few injections of Botox seem to enliven both men—who wouldn’t want to be young forever?

Some things don’t work out. Another best friend (and makeup artist, Sierra—Sierra Matthews), can’t make the June 25th date in Paris. What’s a girl to do?

Earlier, there are cosmetic shade decisions to make and a final culinary tour of NYC (Dave will have to clean up) before the first of three weddings can be, er consummated.

So far, so…

Next up is a visit to Israel: The Western Wall (David, as a non-believer, not entirely welcome); haberdashery Argo Suits (basic black for the loving pair even as David finds his pants a tad too tight—readily remedied); a very muddy trip to the Dead Sea (skin tones can only be improved (and a family feast in the Tel Aviv market). Who could ask for anything more?

In Paris, it’s wedding day (and crew-only filming) as the young men tie the knot near the Eiffel Tower and prepare for the next chapters of their lives.

Back to L.A. and the Queer X Festival.

On hankers for some new wheels to be to be worthy of their new digs (perhaps a $239,000 yellow Ferrari?). David is not amused.

Before you can say “Drama in paradise,” David is laid off and not sure whether to look for new work in construction or as a personal trainer. On is soon on the hunt for sexy abs, LA guys try to promote his summer “neon colours.” Is anyone else becoming confused?

Not dissimilar to Proud (cross-reference below), the longer the episodes go on, the weaker they become.

After a fine trip to the baby goat museum, the boys can’t decide where to move: LA, NYC, Israel. And neither will most viewers.

Enough said. JWR

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