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Redemption through victory

Ironically, pathetically, seeing the 1970 Best Picture in 2022 makes me want to spit.

With Russia’s 21st century Hitler murdering innocent civilians in a revenge fuck for the USSR’s collapse, Putin has rightfully taken his place with the world’s best bullies.

In Patton, the famed US general (just ask him) appears to be more notable for his uncontrolled mouth than his military victories.

From a present-day viewpoint, the best scene of all is Patton toasting his Russian “ally” counterpoint as double “sons of bitches”. Couldn’t agree more.

The second-most telling moment now is Patton slapping a scared-out-of-his-wits soldier for daring to have reservations (“nerves”) about being in the battlefield of death. This is a general worthy of celebrating?

Like Putin, Patton seems to “love war”, as long as he wins at any price.

How the world continues to produce such monsters as these should make us all nervous.

As Patton, George C. Scott is merely OK, not in any way a Best Actor, unlike Putin. JWR

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