JWR Articles: Live Event - Spamalot (Director: Mike Nichols) - May 3, 2007


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Lots of yuks (and a shrubbery!) from start to, er, Finnish

Shea’s Performing Arts Center was “agag” with a flying cow, fanged bunny, queer knights (bringing new meaning to wearing your male, oh, sorry, mail), nearly-dead townsfolk, a scat-rich Lady of the Lake (Pia Glenn belted, wailed and shimmied with authority—even when bemoaning her lack of stage time, “The Diva’s Lament”), the dauntless King Arthur (the affable and oh-so-game-for-anything, Michael Siberry) as he searched tirelessly, from losing a battle with the French (“I fart in your general direction”) to the photo-op set-up, audience-interactive cryptogram: D101.

Here’s a show that lives its timeless medieval anthem: “Always Look on the Brighter Side of Life.” Don’t miss it when the next generation of Pythons (and John Cleese’s voice forever God!) coil into your bailiwick. Special kudos to conductor Ben Whiteley for keeping the energy emanating from the pit (right from the masterfully rendered trumpet characterizations) and minstrel Darryl Semira whose infectious smile and energetic limbs were a pleasure at every turn. JWR

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Director - Mike Nichols
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