JWR Articles: CD - International Guitar Night II (Featured performers: Brian Gore, D'Gary, Miguel de la Bastide, Clive Carroll) - November 23, 2007

International Guitar Night II

3.5 3.5
68 min.

Four guitars, no waiting

Bill Russell’s cover artwork unintentionally reveals more about the second installment of “International Guitar Night” than he knows. In the foreground are four six-string guitars, three pointing at a crescent moon, one (the rebel with a cause) pointing into a far different part of the galaxy. Below the airborne instruments are, apparently, the performers. A pair run from a hoodie, brandishing a metaphorical flashlight; in time they might collide with the an arms-crossed individualist who looks stoically on, even as he guards his own turf. The distant heavens seem oblivious to everything. And so it goes. On the CD, only “Manimany Lavisy” (“I Miss my Family”) employs the collective talents of guitarists Brian Gore, D’Gary, Miguel de la Bastide and Clive Carroll. Its medieval tune-tinge immediately springs “Guenevere” into mind (Let the games begin!), is well-stocked with power and fun, demanding an encore that never comes. Of the sextet of duos (trios are out) the opener, “Torrecillo del Leal” (de la Bastide and Carroll) with its “strummy,” raw, folk roots and occasional riff is a standout. “Insecurity” (D’Gary and Carroll), with more than a hint of “Silent Night” belies its name as the artists combine for an easy lilt that engages from bar one. It’s followed by “Swaddle Time Blues”—the first cousin of “Jingle Bell Rock”—(Gore and Carroll), featuring a bass line of the highest order and some most welcome harmonic inventiveness. The remaining eight tracks are solo spots which offer technical wizardry (de la Bastide’s “Andaluza”), an amazing array of tone, texture and touch (Carroll’s “Celtic Medley”), upscale lounge art (Gore’s “Solace”) and a take on relationships (D’Gary’s “Girlfriend”) that seems too much of an insider’s story for the public to comprehend and is need of a more centred pulse so that the music meanders less, moves more. The album’s (and related tours) premise is fine and the musicianship first rate; all that remains is an artistic vision that can lift the friendly “chat” of skilled colleagues into a homogeneous discourse that happens to feature the guitar. JWR

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Torrecillo del Leal - Miguel de la Bastide
Celtic Medley: (a) The Kid From Clare (b) Dance at Dolan's (c) The Humours of Tulla - Clive Carroll
Manimany Lavisy (I Miss my Family) - D'Gary
Betetpo (Insecurity) - D'Gary
Swaddle Time Blues - Brian Gore
Aerial Discoveries 1998 (Hommage à Michael Hedges) - Clive Carroll
Ligniso Zaho (Please Wait for Me) - D'Gary
David's Racetrack - Brian Gore, David Weresin
Erendira - Brian Gore
Kelikely Fa Nama (Girlfriend) - D'Gary
Solace - Brian Gore
El Santo Dia - Miguel de la Bastide
Zen Scream - Brian Gore
Bara Riano (My Tribe) - D'Gary
I Will Lift up Mine Eyes - Randall Stroope
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