JWR Articles: Film/DVD - Cycle of Fear: There Is no End (Director: Manuel H. Da Silva) - March 19, 2009

Cycle of Fear: There Is no End

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92 min.

Score one for the devil

This film is cursed by much more than a long-ago burned-at-the-stake, revenge-seeking Witch Selena (Diane Da Silva-Bowles). It features gratuitous titty-popping sex, scripted lines from hell (“You have no dialogue in this movie,” offers the male lead, Jay—Sean Kaufmann—to the defiantly-unwillingly, suddenly I-won’t-stand-in-your-way vicar—Shane Harbinson) and too many lapses of characterization in Shane Clark’s unfocussed script to let the terror begin.

The special effects and makeup offer much-needed visual relief from the bloody avalanche of the sliced-up citizens of Angus, Ontario, yet the chills are few and far between and any attempt at metaphor seems left for another day. Happily, and thankfully, Taylor Long’s music burns brightly on high octane, but, following the opening sequence, Manuel H. Da Silva can’t recreate that magical elixir of sound, light and story; the promise of what could be leaves as bitter a taste as the undead’s antidotal potions.

Horror addicts won’t really mind; for the rest: watch it at your peril. JWR

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