JWR Articles: Preview - JWR: The First Lustrum (2001-2006) (Author: S. James Wegg) - April 9, 2008

JWR: The First Lustrum (2001-2006)

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ISBN: 978-1-4251-4943-7
About the book

JWR: The First Lustrum (2001–2006) is a guided journey through the performing arts and film (with excursions to a few related books, some short fiction and commentaries). JWR is interested in all artistic endeavour and its two broadest divisions: good and bad. Productions of all stripes are reviewed and rated; readers are encouraged to do likewise and then share their thoughts through the Readers’ Forum.

All of these articles have been published in various formats in a variety of print and on-line publications. Here, they are grouped by themes ranging from “Beautiful Losers” to “Couples.” Like the Internet, they are connected by common key words (e.g., “rebel”) or subject matter (e.g., “tyrants”). The nine sections contain live and recorded performances as well as books that all tackle the same type of subject but use different means of expression.

These are the highlights from our first five years; the next lustrum already looks to be equally fascinating and—ah, those rare gems—unforgettable. JWR

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Author - S. James Wegg
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