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92 min.

Thank goodness for the tracks

What to say about a “Comedy Horror Flick” that features scary jokes and funny horror? Come for the gore and guffaws, but stay for the tracks. Composers Randy Murphy and Patchen Preston provide the film’s only redeeming value by creatively combining muted trumpet (and some sleazy sax where required), drums, bass and rap-a-by voice to engage the ear even as the eye (aided and abetted via Alan Lefebvre’s up-angle camera work—don’t miss the toe shot!) wanders about the seldom-related scenes that attempt to, er, titillate (many jiggling bosoms), terrorize (the growing body count, one of the few things to cheer about) and transform (the running gag of smoking joints in the cemetery never finds its payoff—the buried burrito also falls flat). Not even the charming Scottish terrier could steal his scenes.

Director/writer Michael McWillie might be well-advised to leave his homage to directors past on the cutting room floor and unleash his creativity with something more original. JWR

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