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Forrest Gump

3.5 3.5
142 min.


Seeing this 1994 winner of Best Picture in 2022, immediately reminded me of how far cinema has come in portraying the “different amongst us”–cross-references below: CODA and Drive My Car.

In the title role, Tom Hanks has no trouble with his limbs as a boy, or mental capacity as he navigates real life. But that’s what he is asked to do in the novel (Winston Groom) and screenplay (Eric Roth), and he most certainly turns in a credible performance.

But again, in 2022, the film is too cheesy by half—whether it be the superstar football player (most certainly out of his braces), the heroic Vietnam soldier (rescuing all but his best friend “Bubba”—Mykelti Williamson along with Lieutenant Dan—Gary Sinise) turns to the bottle rather than living life with no moveable legs) moves back Stateside to start a shrimping  business in memory of his late “bro”.

The life-long love interest, Jenny (an engaging performance from Robin Wright) comes in and out of Gump’s life as suits the script.

By journey’s end, the tears well up as Forrest Jr. is united with his dad and Jenny moves on to the great beyond.

Thank goodness there was no sequel. JWR

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