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Simo | The Flying Sailor | The Fading | Canary

4.5 4.5

Reviewed at the 2023 edition of the Palm Springs International ShortFest
Four from Canada

Aziz Zoromba
2023, 24 minutes
Four stars

Sibling rivalry

Two brothers (Basel El Rayes, Seif El Rayes) along with Dad (Aladeen Tawfeek—Mom MIA), struggle to play whether on a winter soccer pitch, in a shared bedroom or—most importantly—live streaming (where the younger bro readily outscores his sibling’s view rate).

Anyone who has been in “competition” with a brother or sister will enjoy the ride. JWR

The Flying Sailor
Wendy Tilby, Amanda Forbis
2023, 8 minutes
Four and a half stars

Be careful what you smoke

Seen on the same day as the day as hopes for survivors of the OceanGate submersible are dashed, it is most instructive to view this largely animated reconstruction of the 1917 Halifax harbour explosion. Incredibly, Charlie Mayers lived to recount this harrowing experience. We can only for the same result for those hoping to have had a view of the Titanic! JWR

The Fading
Rafäel Beauchamp
2022, 15 minutes
Four stars

The tragedy of loss

So many people are interested in revenge or retribution these days. It’s instructive to see a wee film that raises more questions than answers.

Lily Thibeault does a superb job as the grieving mother who, eventually, has second thoughts.

Beauchamp is a master of storytelling and restraint. JWR

P-H Dallaire, Benoit Therriault
2023, 12 minutes
Four and one half stars

A bird with a song

The old adage “a canary in a coal mine” takes on new meaning in this dialogue-less animation as the yellow, fluffy harbinger of good news or bad goes about its business. Young boy, Sonny, teaches his caged friend to play dead in hopes of saving everyone in the mine from perilous disaster. It almost works.

The original music score, is the icing on this animated cake. JWR

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