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Death Snot | Diaspora | Gold and Mud | Meantime | Nian | Nude

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From nose to knows

Death Snot
Charlie Schwan
2023, 8 minutes
Four stars

Nobody “nose” the trouble I’ve seen

Roberto (Noé de la Garza) has a nose that won’t quit spewing all manner of things. Could it be pollen allergies?—doesn’t matter, his relationship seems to be over

For those of us who experience similar dilemmas, this film is full of more truth than most others will acknowledge. JWR

Tyler McKenzie Evans
2023, 16 minutes
Four stars

Where are they now?

Here’s a discreet social commentary that tries to speak to gentrification, racism and opportunistic capitalism all at once.

Thanks goodness it’s only fiction… JWR

Gold and Mud
Connor Dooley
2023, 9 minutes
Four stars

Heartfelt homage

A fascinating array of scenes and situations revolving around around a singular physician. JWR

Guillaume Scaillet
2023, 13 minutes
Three and one half stars

What is paradise?

Imagine being in the place of your dreams—alone—and awaiting the love of your life to join you. Imagine if she repeatedly “misses the bus”.

Then it’s time to take a more universal sort of shave… JWR

Michelle Krusiec
2023, 6 minutes
Four stars

How to eat revenge

Here’s a wee short that explores mythology (Chinese Nian appears to eat naughty children just ahead of New Year) and present-day bullying virtually everywhere. Just beware of the white meat! JWR

Olivier Labonté LeMoyne
2023, 14 minutes
Three stars

When kinky, apparently, goes wrong

On their way to fantasy sex in an SUV in the woods, Will (Étienne Galloy) and Cath (Roxanne Tremblay-Marcotte) seem to have acquired some unwelcome, equally naked observers—or was that Cath’s missing medication doing the talking? Curiously the vehicle lights were ablaze during initial foreplay. Wouldn’t that attract nearby souls, human or not?

Hard to fathom the drift. JWR

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