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The Unofficial Hocus Pocus Cookbook for Kids

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Eggs-actly delicious!

This will be a relatively short review, hoping that its brevity will inspire tomorrow’s great chefs to read to the very end. With an active pair of young granddaughters starting to cook up a storm of their own, I was happy to receive a copy of this book.

Just in time for Halloween, Bridget Thoreson has cobbled together a fine-looking recipe book that is well laid out (with sumptuous photos providing visual inspiration to get in the kitchen (“Oh, if only I could make that!”—you can!) and easy to follow.

Especially helpful are two preludes to the actual recipes: In the “Torture Chamber” which has useful and important safety tips for beginners and “Common Recipe Terms”—essential reading (even for us older cooks) that most certainly speeds up the preparation components of the coming, easy-to-prepare dishes.

Well organized by types of meals or drinks, I thought it only fair to make one of these dishes myself. I Choose (from Breakfasts) “Veggie Egg Cups”.

Like most of the recipes, it is simplicity itself. Break some eggs, add salt, pepper and grated cheese, then stir. Put the resulting mixture into a greased muffin tin—nothing to it.

Next, melt some butter and sauté chopped onion, a pepper (I used red—from the garden) then add a cup of cherry tomatoes—mine were also home grown.

Gently place the veggies on top of the egg mixture and you’re ready to bake (350 degrees, 15-20 minutes). Keep a sharp eye when just browned, haul them out and let the “muffins” rest for a bit.

After that, it’s time to chow down on cups that are flavourful, sporting a juicy texture with just a welcome bit of crunch for culinary balance.

Just a couple of notes of caution: I would recommend a cookie tray be placed underneath the muffin tin when in the oven. After mine was cooked, I noticed some “spillage” on the oven floor. As well—perhaps my muffin tin is showing its age—the cleanup was misery, as too much of the “good stuff” stuck to the sides.

Nonetheless, do get a copy of this Hocus Pocus and cook to your heart’s and children’s content! JWR

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Author - Bridget Thoreson