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Interview with Adonis He - 与贺飞交谈

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(Chinese version follows below - 中文版如下)

Having appeared in two of Scud’s most recent films (Utopians and Adoniscross-references below), it seemed like the ideal time to have a conversation with the engaging and talented actor. Due to geographic and language challenges, the questions were submitted via Scud and translated as follows (English and then Chinese):

JWR: What is it like working as a performing artist in present-day China?

Adonis: The popular ones are busy like dogs while others waiting in agony. It's quite tough [these days].

JWR: How did you meet Scud and what made you decide to become a film actor in what might seem to some--especially the censors--as a risquégenre?

Adonis: My former manager replied to Scud's casting call, which coincided with my two-days’ break from a Hengdian [a famous Chinese film studio] shooting, so we went to see Scud in Shenzhen. I didn't think too much, reckoning there's nothing I couldn't act as an actor. After the interview I sought to watch Amphetamine, which is so divine that I'd fantasize about being in it. [However] I knew such would never pass the censorship of mainland China and the risk I might be facing.

JWR: What was the most fun about shooting Utopians; what were the least enjoyable moments?

Adonis: The whole process had been intriguing, the professionalism of the team...the toughest was of course the masturbation scene, simply too...I had been depressed three days before the shooting, and the night before I had to tell Scud that I couldn't do it. He took me out to chat, for the whole night! What enlightened me was his statement that if everyone is doing a similar thing, what will make you to become the one to stand out? So I decided to walk an untraveled path. (JWR: that particular scene is extraordinarily real and honest.)

JWR: In the arts, truth and beauty are constantly in search of each other. Whether dancing or acting, I get the feeling that you are proud of your body, your skills and your inner self. Have you always been so open and unashamed of who you are?

Adonis: In real life, I am very introverted and shy, and that's why I like acting a lot. I can be one who's not myself in a film. As for my body, I am rather confident of it.

JWR: After Utopians was released, how did your life change?

Adonis: I think the biggest change was that Utopians brought me popularity.

JWR: How did you feel when Scud filled you in on the premise of Adonis, and that you would be the lead?

Adonis: Scud had been talking to me during his scriptwriting of Adonis, so there's quite some of myself, my own experience in it. Being chosen to lead the film was an appraisal to what I did before. While heartened, I was also excited, for the fact that I was blocked from acting in films in China because of Utopians [sexual content], so a repeat of such banned acts meant even greater risks to me.

JWR: Was the guitar tattoo just for the film, or had you had it before; still have it now?

Adonis: The tattoo was from a long time ago, when I was small and rebellious.

JWR: How does it feel to be naked most of the time, with plenty of others around (actors, production team, et cetera).?

Adonis: Getting naked in public is the most embarrassing thing, but once hearing, "Action!" everything is forgotten except the role, be him Yang Ke or Hins Gao. Yet once "Cut!" is called, I'd rush to grab some clothing.

JWR: What would you like to do next as (a) a performer (b) an actor?

Adonis: More acting, nothing else matters more to an actor.

JWR: Is there anything else you would like to say or share that hasn’t come up in the rest of these questions?

Adonis: I'd like to tell the younger people nowadays that, if anything you wanna do, do it now, for time will not wait for a moment for you. Thank you.

JWR: Thank you very much for your talents and your time.




JWR: 目前中国大陆演员的境况如何?


JWR: 怎样遇见云翔? 什么令你决定投身电影演员这样冒险的生涯, 特别考虑到电检, 审查的方面?


JWR: 拍“同流合乌最有趣和难受的事情.


JWR: 艺术上, 不管舞蹈还是演戏, 真和美永远在寻找对方. 我感觉你对自已的身体, 技能和内在都很自豪. 你一向都这么开放和大胆, 不羞于自我的吗?


JWR: 同流合乌之后, 生活有什么改变?


JWR: 云翔命名你为三十儿立男主角时, 是怎样一种心情?


JWR: 结他纹身是为了电影, 还是一直都有?


JWR: 在众人(演员, 团队)当中赤身露体是什么感受?


JWR: 作为一个 (a) 表演者 (b) 演员, 下一步想做什么?


JWR: 以上问题之外有什么想和我们分享的?


JWR: 谢谢

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