FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Welcome to JWR: - your independent global view of fine arts and film. This page is meant to enhance your visit and explain how you can participate.


What will I find on JWR?

  • The site has two interconnected areas:

    1. Articles

    Hundreds of articles including live performing arts reviews, CD reviews, DVD/Film reviews, previews, interviews, commentaries; Quote of the Month and Today's Birthdays are features of the Home Page.
    2. International Directory of Fine Arts and Film
    Calendar of Current and Coming Events, listings of organizations (producing, performing, venues, corporate supporters, educators, government departments, related suppliers and hospitality industry), listings of people  (thousands of movers and shakers from every aspect of fine and perfroming arts past and present - nearly all have at least on link to a JWR article.
    Because of the tens of thousnads of links between the directory listings and the articles, readers are just a click away from purchasing a ticket, ordering the work being reviewed or finding related information and similar performances, exhibits and products.

How can I add my thoughts about any of the articles?

  • Every article has a feedback form.
  • If you or your organization have material for JWR to review or coming events to add to the international calendar then find out more on the Article/Coverage Request Page.

Where can I search JWR for a single word, name, title or phrase?

  • Click on the following link then type in your search item Search JWR is the best way. Simply complete the on-line form and we'll take it from there.


Beyond the hyperlinks in the menu tree, how else can I navigate through JWR pages?

  • Virtually every image (apart form the production photos in the reviews) on JWR is linked to another page. The country flags will take you directory to that country's main page:
  • Similarly, clicking on images of people will send you to the individual's listing:
  • The logos of organizations will ink you to their listing:
  • Publicity posters and CD covers link directly to the related article:

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