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Altered Perceptions

4.5 4.5
120 min.

If only it wasn’t fiction

“You know, when you come out and as a young man at 24, 23, even though he sort of inherits it, most people when they inherit, they lose it. And that’s easy stuff. He [Kim Jong-un] took over a country, a very smart people, very, very energetic people, very tough people at a very young age. And he has total dominant control.”

  • Criminal Defendant Donald J. Trump

Jorge Ameer’s latest film (click on Ameers's name below) is easily his best production to date.

He brings Wayne C. Dee’s script, marvellously infused with a loving gay couple, dutiful son, corrupt U.S. senator—did Ted Cruz or Jim Jordan audition for the part?, biological warfare, a countrywide insurrection that really does make Jan 6 seem like the “tourists just visiting” that most of the GOP describe, along with a healthy dose of white supremacists blaming EVERYTHING on Blacks and the LGBTQ+ community, combine to feel like some of the U.S. feels, thinks and operates today in the land of the free and the home of the misinformed (many willfully).

I doubt it will ever reach Trump’s watchlist on Netflix.

At the heart of it all is Alex (Oran Stainbrook, gives an appropriately bewildered performance) whose well-respected neurologist dad, Joseph (Matt Fling simultaneously exudes wisdom and smarts) and husband Peter (Vincent Giovanni is appropriately loving, angry and resigned as required) whose unfortunate lot in life is to work for Texan Senator Ted DeMarcos (Danny Fehsenfeld, readily slimy in the first degree—instantly comparable to the former, indicted U.S. president) who has plotted along with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un to import water lilies that will make the COVID-19 epidemic seem like a walk in the park (particularly targeting Blacks, gays and 60+ with a deadly form of dementia).

And a special shout-out to Eric Roberts playing John whose dementia sends devoted wife Claire (Lynn Lowry) to an early grave.

Adding, literally, naked spice to the production is from-the-future Gary (Joseph DeMatteo—eye candy in every bare appearance) who can foresee the future and save the day.

The notion of COVID-19 and related boosters being the fuel for unbridled dementia leading to suicide and murder mania amongst those “stupid” enough to seek protection fuels the artistic trust’s desire to expose MAGA devotees and anti-vaxxers for the hypocrisy they thrive on.

The solution to the 34-country (a marvellous coincidence with Trump’s NYC felony counts) North Korea-induced epidemics (at least not from lab leaks in Wuhan), by journey’s end, to be far, far away. But then who ever thought the 45th president could spend the rest of his life wearing a suit that matches his hair—more “fakeness” in an entirely different category? JWR

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Director - Jorge Ameer