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Kubrick by Kubrick

4.5 4.5
73 min.

Is man fundamentally good?

America’s most inventive, creative, reclusive and painstaking filmmaker is given a brief, if sympathetic portrait in Gregory Moro’s succinct biopic.

A devotee of original lighting (er, candles to burn in Barry Lyndon), out of this world starscapes (2001: A Space Odyssey), the misery of war (Full Metal Jacket), Sex ‘R’ Us (Eyes Wide Shut), horror in a labyrinth (The Shining) and hooliganism run amok (A Clockwork Orange), Kubrick’s genius is in bringing other writers’ heroic stories to the silver screen, one shot (and multiple retakes) at a time.

Largely told through archival audio tapes from lucky-enough-to-be-trusted interviewer Michel Ciment (clearly a kindred spirit) and archival footage, Kubrick dominates the film with his words, actions and selected results.

At the heart of it is the notion of innovation for originality. Viewers are recommended to view the master’s catalogue and come to their own conclusions. JWR

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Director - Gregory Monro