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Sabbath Crosses

A Tribute to Black Sabbath

4 4
57 min.

Honour thy Sabbath

Fernando Serani’s tribute to Black Sabbath goes beyond being a labour of love and becomes a showcase of talent. The ten tracks (featuring the same number of bands) are a telling examination of the current state of the dark arts in Argentina. Nearly all succeed. Nativo’s “War Pigs” (the opening siren at one with the genre) and Barilari’s “Heaven and Hell” (beautifully balanced; keyboards add depth) kick off the album with punch and power. The unwitting (but marvellously appropriate) reference in the bass line to the finale of Dvořák’s “New World Symphony” featured in both, link them beyond general style. Fernando Podesta’s gravel vocals are no match for Adrian Barilari’s dulcet tone—the guitar solos (Sergio Berdichevsky, Daniel Telis, respectively) are compellingly jammed with “wow” and heat. Other highlights include “Children of the Grave” (Horcas & Andres Giminez) with its twin evil-laughs adding to the Bolero-ish rhythm. “Paranoid” (Los Natas) completes the set with an easy jazz feel opening that’s the perfect tonic to the angst-filled tracks which precede it. The gothic, eerie soundscape of “Die Young” features the stellar drum kit of Pablo Soler feeding energy to all and Victor Rivarola’s vocals that flirt dangerously with disaster at the top. But the hands-down favourite (reprised on video) is sure to be “No Stranger to Love.” This straight-up ballad features former Black Sabbath member Glenn Hughes. His experience lifts this track to the heavens as he reminds us “I gave you my heart / You cried for my soul,” and shades every word with meaning and colour that the others can only admire. His final wail (after guitarist Walter Giardino’s mood-enhancing solo) is unforgettable. JWR

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War Pigs (Nativo)
Heaven and Hell (Barilari)
TV Crimes (Plan 4)
Anno Mundi (Magika)
No Stranger to Love (Rata Blanco and Glenn Hughes)
Zero the Hero (Suaron)
Children of the Grave (Horcas and Andres Gimenez)
Supernaut (O'Connor)
Die Young (Beto Vazquez Infinity)
Paranoid (Los Natas)
No Stranger to Love (Rata Blanco and Glenn Hughes); (Video)
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